FriendsBuestone (1)

Friends of Bluestone (FoB) was formed as an independent 501(c)3 to receive charitable donations¬† on behalf of Bluestone Camp & Retreat. Churches, corporations, and any individual or organization may give financially in support of Bluestone’s ministry.

A Covenant between FoB and the Presbytery of West Virginia (PWV) is in place through 2020. As per the Covenant, FoB is charged with meeting annual fund raising goals.

The goal for our Annual Fund Campaign each year

is to raise a minimum of $45,000.

Additionally, we are challenged to raise $10,000 extra in support

of a necessary utility upgrade, making our total goal $55,000 in 2017.

FoB hosts a benefit golf tournament each year, and circulates a quarterly eNewsletter called The Beech Tree to keep friends and donors up to date with progress and to report on Bluestone events.



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