Bluestone strives to create a fully inclusive culture and environment that values equality and fosters respect for all people. We understand Christian spirituality as a shared journey from which no one should be excluded. In alignment with our values, vision and mission, Bluestone welcomes all persons, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, as guests and as full participants in all our programs.

Youth is a time of exploration and identity formation. We aim to help campers consider what it means to live a Christian life and how God is working in them, at Bluestone, and in the world. We encourage our campers to develop self-confidence, embrace their creativity, explore their surroundings and create relationships with those that may be different from them.

During childhood and adolescence, deeply held aspects of identity, like one’s gender or sexual orientation, can be questioned. Children and youth’s exploration of their identities and interests is a normal part of their development. That’s why we believe it is essential to allow children to consider different identities in a safe and affirming environment. Bluestone embraces diversity and we welcome all children to camp and hope that through their experience, they will discover more about the person God created them to be.

The arc of scripture and the work and witness of Jesus Christ supports accepting people as they are. There are people in scripture who defy gender norms and are accepted–the eunuch who was baptized by Philip and is credited with starting the church in Ethiopia (Jesus also called for acceptance of eunuchs) and Deborah, the female judge and warrior. Just as Jesus called for the acceptance of these individuals, Bluestone welcomes all people to participate fully in our programs with this statement of inclusivity.

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